The most complete board to share to taste all the pleasures, composed by Jacotte's Grocery:

Meat :
- Angus Beef Charcuterie
- Assortment of artisanal PGI charcuterie from Ardèche

Vegetables :
- 3 vegetable spreads from among: Aubergine Caviar, Artichoke, Poichichade, Dried Tomatoes
- Crudités (cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cauliflower...) & vegetable pickles

Cheeses :
- Comté 12 months, Fleur de Tomme brulée, St Marcelin fermier de l'Isère
- Fine basil cream & PDO parmesan

- Focaccia with olive oil

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L'Épicerie Jacotte (Lyon 1er) offers a range of local and artisanal products, each more incredible and delicious than the next. From IGP charcuterie to sweet biscuits and truffles, Jacotte honours committed and passionate producers.


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